Premium WordPress Themes - Full Price For Permanent Updates Or A Fraction For 1 Year Updates?

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Hi there,

Haven't been for a while in website and CMS stuff but I remember several years ago how people would cringe their faces when someone was selling theme for a fixed fee and offered support and updades for subscription. I myself hated the idea of subscription fee to pay just for support because I have some technical expertise myself to handle it. I also thought I don't need theme updates because it already has features I want and what can go wrong with a theme that was last updated 1 year ago? The chances are high theme will work with newer WordPress versions, right?

Today I see how many themes are becoming subscription based and I understand that updates are good not only for improvement but security. Afterall if you buy best-selling theme, expect it to be targetted by all kinds of trash like bots and hackers?

So theme updates aside if I haven't missed anything lets talk on support. Like I mentioned I can handle issues and I don't see much value in support because there must be already existing documentation and FAQ on how to deal with technical issues.

With that said what would you do if you had the choice of:

1. Paying a fraction of a price for theme, like getting it for 80% off of $59 that includes 1 year support and updates but then subscribing for $19 per year to keep them

2. Pay $59 which would include 6 month - support and lifetime updates

My priority goal is to get my brand approved on Amazon for which I need to show legit eCommerce website. Later however, I don't know how soon I will expand on my own eCommerce website so I am not sure if paying $19 yearly is justified here. What if I will decide to change theme or even platform? Not that it's much to pay but everything adds up as we all know it...


P.S. The themes I liked are eCommerce from MyThemeShop and Flatsome from ThemeForest. Anyone has experience with these themes?
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