I think Facebook=Friends, Twitter=Celebrities, and THIS=Business.

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After spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on advertising, my research has come to the conclusion that ...

Facebook is for Friends.
There are many ways to use Facebook ads effectively. Audience insights, look-a-like audiences and re-targeting are great features that can reduce your CPC to below .01 once you learn to master the processes. But people on Facebook generally do not login intending to buy something. They're mostly there to interact with friends.

Twitter is for Celebrities
Whether famous or not, Twitter is mostly about popularity. There are many ways to monetize Twitter, especially using automation tools that auto-respond to followers and schedule Tweets in advance. But like Facebook, people on Twitter are generally not there to view products and services.

So, what's for business? ... Pinterest.
People on Pinterest are generally pinning and sharing product images.They often use Pinterest like a 'wish list' of items they're interested in owning. In other words they have more buying intent while on Pinterest then they do while on Facebook and Twitter.

I don't think it's only the category and niche spaces I'm involved in, although it might be. However, there must be some reason I see major brand's choosing Pinterest over Facebook and Twitter when it comes to their advertising efforts.

What do you think?

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