Want to go into ebay? What are things I should prepare for?

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Hey guys. I currently sell on Amazon and want to go into ebay. Are there things I should prepare for before doing so? Some issues in the beginning that you have dealt with?
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    If you don't already have feedback on your seller profile, buy a couple things first!
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    Well the feedback is one of the most important things. Without feedback points there are little chances you can get any sells. But after you post your things on ebay, tell your friends about the things you sell, and tell them to tell their friends so you can get some sales and feedback points. After that you will be good to go. Also you should verify your account before you do any sales.
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    ebay people love the words free shipping, they don't understand that we add a few dollars to the selling price to pay for shipping to give them "free shipping", I've tested this for years and it comes true every time with my products... all depends on what you are selling i guess.
    I have an eyeliner I would (try to) sell for $6 + $2.77 shipping , I couldn't sell it to save my life.... I put it up for $9.90 free shipping and sold out 13 units. makes no sense!

    ebay hates sellers (my opinion by experience) they side with buyers even when buyers are scamming us, that is why i sell cheap products for low prices...

    paypal is good, get a debit card for faster withdrawals

    If a customer gives you any BS, put them on the blocked bidder list... some customers you cannot make happy, doesn't matter what you do... nip it in the bud. I have hundreds of buyers on my list ... added two this week 1 for lack of payment , the other because she returned a blush because she thought it would make her look younger.

    I may sound wrong in what i am saying, but it works for me.

    good luck on ebay.
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    Yes, @stockutopia has some good tips.

    Also, include the term "US Seller" anywhere within your seller profile and/or listings.

    Since you're already Amazon trained, you know the importance of images. Adjust the sale price of your items according to recently "sold" items of the same type.

    Keyword stuff your listings. Provide kick-butt support.

    Have fun
    Here was the gamechanger for me => "Copy this Blueprint"
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