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I have already had a paypal and a stripe abruptly closed on me with zero explanation, no TOS violations (product type or practice) and 0 chargebacks ever, yet still cannot use either service for reasons that are not being disclosed to me, so Plz NO paypal/stripe recomendations...

I am looking into starting 2 membership mystery shopper training related, one rent to own listings...need a payment solution anfmd platform...have. Come across chargebee and membermouse. Both look good, any thoughts?
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    Paypal and Stripe wouldn't close your account for no reason. Have you tried calling them on the phone directly to clarify the reasoning?
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      Originally Posted by Commercefully View Post

      Paypal and Stripe wouldn't close your account for no reason. Have you tried calling them on the phone directly to clarify the reasoning?
      Well, clearly they did LOL at least for reasons I don't care to share with me... PayPal I was able to get a hold of on the phone but they were by all appearances purposely vague and absolutely refused to did I give any further information beyond the fact that no they did not have any buyer disputes against me and yes my account is being frozen and the funds being held for 180 days that was about seven months ago and by the way it's still haven't had any charge backs Oregon spirits on any of those orders... straight happened literally right after that because that there's quite literally the next place I went to obtain processing... Not even a week later no warning no explanation account closed all sales refunded even the ones that had already been fulfilled absolutely no phone number to reach them at and have thus far refused to answer emails or social media. I wish I could tell you that I was withholding of some material fact but the sad truth is I'm not hi there I am just the unluckiest SOB around comma or those are some extremely Shady companies, or pcutting they are hyper vigilant to the point cutting off non- Shady people due to not being able to find out enough about them (virtually no credit history here) ... of course all the necessary documentation to prove who I am i just literally have virtually no credit history whatsoever long story
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    Threre are literally dozens of membership software choices and nearly a 100 payment gateways. Ofcourse Paypal and Stipe being top most.

    What about AuthorizeNet, have you tried them?

    Also, check out BrainTree, I have heard good things about them
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    Thank you will do... but as far as which membership system to use what do you recommend
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  • There are so many membership software. Please check out few more:

    3. For digital products -
    4. You can also use Ipayment inc
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      Originally Posted by dmiller23576 View Post

      I recommend you to use They are good.
      Braintree???? They're PayPal, are they not???? (they say "a PayPal Company") wouldn't that be the same problem rehashed?.....BTW I applied for 2co, it said it couldn'[t verify my identity??? weird......must be the "thin file" problem rising to the surface again although I dont get why they wouldn't at least offer the opportunity for me to provide supporting documents for verification? weird....I'll check sappycart, but that rings a belll...are they one of the onesthat only pay through or charge with stripe or paypal? (again same prob) there are a million membership solutions...I'm looking for ONE THAT IS NOT DEPENDENT ON PAYPAL OR STRIPE....and hopefully one that doesn't require a 2 year contract at $25mo PLUS a per transaction rate PLUS merchant account fees and PLUS a $99 setup fee like wanted....

      So I went and checked out SnappyCheckout...and YES - once again, 100% dependent on STripe and PayPal...I Don't mean to sound ungrateful, I do appreciate the fact that I'm getting replies, but I was pretty Specific ...EXTREMELY specific and clear from the beginning, that it could have NOTHING to do with Stripe or PayPal and that I specifically DO NOT WANT REPLIES mentioning services that are exclusively dependent on them...meanwile that is ALL I have received across the board in ALL replies...I am really really hoping someone has a solution that is not at all complettely dependent on Stripe and /or PayPal... Also accepts those is fine but a payment processing option for a startup that is NOT paypal or stripe..... (PS BRAINTREE IS PAYPAL)
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    You might look into CloudNet360. Their MembersPro is little-known but growing. Built-in fully integrated shopping cart and CRM too. I've been using their MembersPro for about two years now and it's been 'evolving' as a a membership system. CloudNet360 is where people go when Infusionsoft is just too pricey (like me).

    The other reason to look into CloudNet360 is for your merchant account problem. CloudNet360 has almost 50 gateways you can connect with ( for example) but you still have to have a merchant account. When you begin using their system, you are automatically signed-up (immediately) to be able to use a merchant account called PayLeap. This is the same system used by so very reputable. Once you make your first sale online, then you complete your online form account sign-up so that you can get the money transferred to your bank. Great way for new businesses to get started with a merchant account too.

    PayLeap does have limitations I've heard, most importantly being the total sale value you can have in one transaction. So, you might ask them about that. Although I can't remember what that limitation is, it's somewhere over $1500 per trans so most membership site owners wouldn't have to worry about that.

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    Where there is smoke there must be fire. If both of them closed on you then maybe there is something there. It is not a coincidence or any rouge thing on their part. Maybe you should have a look in to your business or whatever activities you have connected to your paypal account. Because usually even if the account is closed the balance is released after some time.
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