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Hey everyone!

I have a MASSIVE collection of recipes. I have vintage ones , ones I've written myself and of course ones cut from old magazines. The last time I did a count I stopped at 1200 and there was still a lot left.

So... my question -- I see TONS of sellers selling recipes online and I'd like to do it too however I'm cautious since it seems like there is little profit in selling them via ebay. Most listings sell them at 99cent! Are they even making a profit ? If no profit what is the point?

Should I sale my goodies too? I'd do it the same way many of them do -- place a nice picture on the listing ; explain why it's amazing , deliver via email and via mail.

What do you all think? Worth the time? Will I make a profit?

Please and thank you for everything.
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    Originally Posted by sweetcrabhoney18 View Post

    Most listings sell them at 99cent! Are they even making a profit ? If no profit what is the point?
    Maybe the profit is not on the front end that you see but the backend that you don't.

    I sell a product that sells reasonably well at around $100 and from time to time I either sell that product at a very low price or even give it away as a bonus on another heavily discounted offering.

    Even though the prices are low the offer is self-liiquidating and the back-end where there are other products and recurring billing is where the most profits are made.

    You might consider bundling a number of the recipes together and doing some good graphics of 3d mock-ups of the published recipe books.

    You can always set something up to sell them at a high price and produce them via a print on demand service.

    At the same time you offer those *printed* versions for some ridiculously low price as a digital download...even 99 cents...but what you do is offer a free plus shipping offer on the order page as a bump where the shipping cost might be say $9.95 for example.

    Some of the buyers take the 99cent deal and a percentage will take the free + shipping offer.

    You make the free + shipping offer just on the profitable side by working out the price based on what the print on demand service delivers.

    Then you have a group of buyers.

    On the Upsell page immediately after the initial purchase you can offer your complete set of recipes.

    Either as a OTO or probably the better way to go is a subscription.

    Ask the question..."Like to get 3 great recipes a day so mealtimes are never boring?"

    Then sell them on an affordable monthly billing plan.

    Put all the recipes in one membership area and lock the content so only specific purchasers can see the sections they've purchased.

    You could just deliver the continuity via email but if you deliver via multiple methods it will generate more revenue because purchasers may want to buy the physical copy or the subscription.

    Think about how to segment your recipes up into "desired" groupings you can sell each group off to prospects seeking that grouping..for example "7 Ultimate Dinner Party Menus" or "The 23 Top Finger Foods for Wedding Receptions"

    Then you just have to craft the transition pages to take them from buying the initial purchase to either buying a related product or a subscription.

    Remember the buyers may also like some kitchen gadgets or other associated cooking equipment that you can refer via email recommendations or product placements inside the members areas etc.

    Hope that is some "food for thought"

    Best regards,

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    I think Etsy.com would be a better place to sell your recipes instead of Ebay


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    I wouldn't do it on ebay at all.

    If you have recipes unique enough to have a "collection" (i.e., southern home cooking, Midwest, grandma's pies, etc) - do them as Kindle books and have a series of them.

    Look on Amazon and you'll see what I mean.

    Recipes are free online all over so you need to present them as a group to make them profitable in my opinion.

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    I agree with Kay King, Amazon E-Books would be the best answer. In order to promote them, use Pinterest and Instagram. Those users love recipes and food, but you'll need some fantastic imagery.
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