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I have been selling online since 2002 on my own websites. Now I want to add sales on Amazon FBA, but I have some questions that I'd rather get straight answers to instead of watching more hours of videos hunting for the answers. I even contacted a "Amazon FBA Coaching" service and wasted more time being qualified and still don't know what they would charge to "consult" with me so I thought maybe someone on the WF knows FBA.

I sell digital craft products online. They are sewing patterns created by my wife and some artists we hire to work with her. Her patterns can be distributed on CD as well as just downloads from our website and I see some of my competitors selling their CD's on Amazon. I am looking to get into that market also in order to reach new customers and add another revenue stream.

Question 1: I am using Kunaki to manufacture my CD's and put them into cases, bar code and shrink wrap them ready to shipment to the Amazon warehouse. Since I am the original manufacturer, will I get banned by Amazon if there is an advertisement ON THE INSIDE FLAP of my DVD case? It can not be seen unless you open the case and it is simply an invitation to join my newsletter.

Question 2: I make how-to videos and was going to distribute them on Amazon but because they are VIDEOS the said no - they are gated items. Even though the videos are produced by me, I can't get them through the gate and decided to not sell my videos after all, just my patterns on CD instead. My question is, does Amazon similar policies blocking data CD sales of craft patterns that my company created?

Question 3: As far as I can tell, the FBA fees on a $10 sale are about $6. ( DVD case with data CD inside ) Is that a good estimate of fees or am I missing something?

Thanks to anyone who can answer.

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    My suggestions - for question one simply ask Amazon, perhaps send them a picture of the case and the inside flap.
    Again for question 2, getting ungated the people to ask is the support people at Amazon. They are the ones to approve getting ungated. Sometimes applying again after initially being rejected will help.
    Question three - there is an Amazon revenue estimator that will give you a good estimate. Six dollars sold a bit high on a ten dollar sale but I do not have the estimator available to me at the moment. I will sometimes estimate the cost estimate in
    my head using 15% commission to Amazon, the inbound shipping cost plus the picking fee.
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    I agree with everything DWaters said. You should continue to try to get answers from Amazon and there should be a calculator to look at.

    Just to add on, I would suggest looking into FBM (fulfillment by merchant) as well. You can sell on Amazon but have a different company fulfill the orders that come through. I work for a company that can fulfill orders through FBM as well as your other channels. I can get you quotes and you can compare the pricing.
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    Use Amazon Product Tracking Tool. Many famous tools in market like AMZInsight, Jungle Scout and many more. The tool show you graphical products trend line on Amazon also give you keywords suggestions for your product.
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