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Hey warriors,

I'm setting up an Amazon affiliate review website and I'm wondering what everyone's recommendation is for which Wordpress theme to use and why you suggest that one?

Any suggestions and help here would be much appreciated.
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    For most affiliate sites, which are more or less glorified blogs, the theme is not super important as long as it has a professional appearance and you find it easy to customize. A pretty solid free one for just about anything is Amplify. In case you want to set up WooCommerce on it so that it looks like product pages that have checkout buttons which take you to Amazon, it'll work for that, too. A paid one that is super good for building affiliate or eCommerce stores is Porto.
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    Hi, I am going through the same process.

    Here is a review of several themes that I found:
    Read the comments. This looks to be at least one year old though, as there are September comments.
    I was able to do a walk through of a friend's Zeno theme website. I also bought InstantAzon, which is a plugin, not a theme and we installed it yesterday.

    So far, here's what I see. Zeno will copy the product to Wordpress, InstantAzon does not. Unless I learn otherwise, there are pros and cons to both ways of doing it. Zeno pro: you can add SEO (I think, but at least off page seo) to each product (on-page SEO not tested), you can link to a specific product from your blog or advertising; to add more products, you can select from a list that's sorted with best selling at the top. Zeno con: you have to manually maintain the products, especially deleting old ones. IA pro: extremely easy to add products, just by keyword. I'm not sure if you have to do any maintenance - but you either do no maintenance or minimal with just adding the keyword again. It does work with multisites, which we use, and will work with probably any theme. IA con - I don't see any way to do SEO or send advertising to a specific product and I'm not sure if you can select specific products or only the best selling ones.

    IA is cheaper than Zeno. In both cases you create one page per product keyword.

    My take so far: If you want to send traffic to specific products, then you will probably want Zeno or something like it. If you want a really fast setup, with (I think) no or minimal product maintenance, then IA looks very good.

    You need to look at how you will send traffic and think whether you want to send traffic to just your store or to a specific product. If my one day analysis is correct, then choose Zeno if you will market to specific products and Instant Azon if you market to your store.

    At least these are things to think about when choosing. I also would like to hear more.
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