My Very First Online Shop (Complete Newbie)

by Laedei
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This has been a dream of mine for 1-2 years, now I'm finally taking action (after a lot of paralysis by analysis)! I'm a complete newbie and I'm gonna share my journey with you guys!

I'm gonna try the dropshipping model using AliExpress and Shopify. I am on a shoe string budget and I hope this shop will be a success.

I will try marketing with minimum to no paid ads. I tried paid ads before with affiliate marketing but it was not profitable for me (or maybe I just really suck at it at the moment). So here we go!
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    Hi good for you!,
    I am an old newbie from way back i wish you all the best, i buy a lot on
    Ali express and find them great, but never tried Drop shipping i would love to do that one day .I was into Marketing a few years ago lost a lot of money but there's always something to learn.It was a steep learning curb for me i am still interested maybe in dipping my feet again sometime i just have to watch the scams there's so many out there. all the best and good luck.
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      Yeah, I've read about some scams and I almost fell for a few of them good thing I really do my research. I've lost some money in affiliate marketing too, definitely learned something. Thanks for the heads up and the wishes!
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    But keep in mind you will not find much success if you are keep going to stick to free traffic (unless organic) and not willing to spend money on ads. Facebook ads are a great way to integrate with dropshipping business. Join some Shopify FB groups and learn from the pros.

    All the best!
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      That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you.

      I'm already starting with pinterest marketing and I'm just setting up my instagram and FB page. I will definitely spend some money on paid ads when I'm getting some profit.

      I need to study SEO, I only know about incorporating keywords, I don't know the really technical side of it yet.

      Thank you for the tips, I really appreciate it.
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    Really glsd to hear that, hope that you will succeed and your dream will come true. Wauting for the next posts of yours.
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    Good luck with that, a lot of my students have success with this model, even though its highly competitive by now and many many people who do plain Ali + FB Ads + Shopify fail.

    However, use your motivation and enthusiasm to create something that lasts and don't be disappointed if you don't get sales immediately, its a process.

    I also made a YT video about the common mistakes involved in Shopify:

    Good luck!
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