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I would like to start dropshipping i picked up a niche already and and set up the shopify store with 4 products i have a instagram page with arround 5000 followers for that niche and i would to drive traffic from my instagram page and use facebook ads but i don't have expereince with facebook ads

that my first dropship store

i'm missing something to start , if there is some advices will be appreciated

thanks for your help in advance
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    I'm facing the same situation , unfortunately for me I don't own any instagram account with 5000 followers I just want to start with fb ads anyone can help ?
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    If you have no experience with FB ads you will flush your money down the toilet in the beginning. Prepare a budget for trial and error and optimizing. Sales won't fall from the sky just because someone pushes ads on FB.

    Depending on the product it might also make sense to use other advertising channels. If you have an IG account already thats a point to start with, but you will have to grow it significantly of course.

    I always work out a sales strategy with my clients because many people underestimate the importance of this. Just by putting products in a store and throwing cold ad traffic on it you will most likely not see results. Did you think about a specific target group already (your IDEAL customer)? This needs to be something more specific than for example 25-35 year old female in the US interested in fashion.

    Good luck mate!
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      yeah you are right but i'm know the basic or what i'm need to launch a compaign and how i can track the result and thats the neccessary, i think
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        Originally Posted by dir0x View Post

        yeah you are right but i'm know the basic or what i'm need to launch a compaign and how i can track the result and thats the neccessary, i think
        Way more important is your initial strategy and positioning. Many people think of Facebook as a magical traffic machine where people who are just waiting to buy your products are and you just have to throw your money at them.

        It simply doesn't work that way, people won't buy anything you offer just you did "somewhat right" targeting. Position your product accordingly, take care of the customer experience, develop a marketing strategy which may include MORE advertising channels than just Facebook, tell a somewhat unique story, emphasize the benefits of your product rather than the plain and boring specifications etc.
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    I heard from my friend there is a course that teaches how to make money with social networks. It called Social Media Profits, I don't really remember it exactly. I recommend you to try it, it may help your work as you're using Instagram and Facebook
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