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We all know it, consumers are moving to the internet, eCommerce has being growing at gigantic steps these last few years, and we can be sure that this tendency will continue during 2017.
But E commerce, as well as everything that happens in the internet, is constantly changing and evolving, this is why we need to be aware of the new trends and techniques that will appear.
Here are some thinks that we can expect for next year.
China will continue to be a step ahead: China has been taking the eCommerce forward for the last few years, and it will probably continue to do so this next year, and this is important, because the behavior of Chinese consumers are usually repeated by consumers from other countries with time.
65% of Chinese online consumers buy stuff using their mobile phones at least once a month, globally, this percentage is 28%, you can see that there is a big difference.
However, we can expect that this 28% will grow and probably get to 50% during the next year, this means one thing: we will have to focus on mobile marketing, a lot.
People that buy through their phone are usually more reflexive than other consumers, they like to compare products, have a detailed look at reviews, and make an extensive research before making a decision, we need to learn how to deal with this kind of consumer if we wish to survive next year.
Beacon, something we need to look after: You had probably heard about them, Beacon are some small Bluetooth devices, that are placed on stores to collect data from other devices (consumers devices of course), that can be used for sending promotions or other kind of personalized messages.
Some specialists say beacon will be a big thing during 2017, but I honestly have some doubts about it, because for start, consumers need to have their bluetooth on and they also need to have a special app downloaded in their devices, two conditions that I really dont see happening next year, but lets wait and see.
Multi-device purchase: Google says that 85% of customers began a purchase in one device, and they finish it in another, this behavior must be taken into account when designing an eCommerce funnel.
Its extremely important that we keep responsive and friendly websites, that will encourage the customer to finish their purchase as soon as possible.
Its also very important that we keep an eye on our metrics, we need to detect where our sites are failing, in which step of the process the customer goes away or changes its dispositive, this small details will allow us to improve our services and avoid any problems.
Drones will replace postsmans? We´ve been hearing about it for quite some time, drones will definitely replace the mail service for delivering products, in the UK, Amazon has started using them for premium delivery, but this is the only case we have for this.
Honestly, the drones thing is quite complicated, companies have to deal with regulations and laws, and the postmans unions will probably do everything they can to block this kind of service. I also think the public opinion in general is not too receptive to this kind of drones use so far, no one want drones over their backyards.
But we will also have to wait and see for this one.
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    Thanks for this article.

    I'm not sure that drones will be replacing postmans anytime soon. While the idea of it is cool, I think there is still a lot more work to be done in that area and especially in Australia I doubt very much the public will be receptive to this for ECommer deliveries.

    While China is a given in my opinion, the interesting thing to note is that due to restrictions in social media and also availability of content and outside influencers, there are a lot of platforms that aren't available in China that are available throughout the rest of the world. For example WeChat is used rather than traditional chat programs in China and there are a stack of things that are restricted.

    It will of course be interesting to see how the year ahead pans out.
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    Sorry, but I don't see how any of this is any different than what is happening in 2016 - except for the assertion that more drones will be making deliveries, as if that has any affect at all on how much you will sell.

    If you are projecting (based on what, I don't know) that suddenly phone transactions will become as secure as desktop ordering, there might be an uptick in phone sales. Regardless, you should already have a mobile friendly site, so nothing new in 2017, whether people live in China, Europe or the U.S.
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    Thank you for an interesting article. It is really high time to get ready to the next year.
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