Will customers complain when they order from eBay and receive Amazon?

by xixna
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Will customers complain when they order from eBay and receive from amazon when they see the price tag? Some items can be sent as gifts to avoid this. But what if there is no gift option available in Amazon?
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    Originally Posted by xixna View Post

    Will customers complain when they order from eBay and receive from amazon when they see the price tag? Some items can be sent as gifts to avoid this. But what if there is no gift option available in Amazon?
    Well, if they buy from you and think they've made a good deal, there should be nothing wrong with receiving an Amazon package. Its not that they buy from you because you are an eBay seller, but because they liked your product and price - which stays the same.
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    Well there are two sides to the coin.

    Some people feel that it is an Ebay order and it should come from a third party seller not ebay of course, but seeing it come from Amazon could be a shock. Unless it is one of the third party sellers not using FBA, their should not be a way of knowing.

    If it comes from Amazon themselves, the customer may not know what is going on and may feel cheated or scammed.

    What if they have a prime account and could have ordered that item cheaper or avoided your shipping fees. I would tread lightly on it is all I can say.
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    We are always selling from Amazon to eBay and we usually don't have any complaints, I remember when I lived in New York I actually got a package from Amazon even though I ordered it in eBay, and I was OK with it because the price was good and I paid with Paypal which I'm more comfortable paying with.
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    Folks who sell on ebay and fulfill the order from Amazon may be taking a risk IMO. The Amazon prices can fluctuate and actually be too high for the seller to make a profit so watch for this.

    A lot of times the prices on certain products is far lower on ebay. I regularly buy items on ebay and resell them on Amazon at a good margin. The last time I bought something from ebay (for personal use not resale) the seller fulfilled the item from Amazon and paid more for it than I did. Boy I am glad I was not him!
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    I think this is a risky thing to do. Although selling from Amazon to eBay is fairly common nowadays, it would help with trust issues if they know that the item they are getting is from the seller they purchased it from, and that they got a really good deal. Some may feel cheated if they see the product came from Amazon, not from the eBay seller they supposedly bought it from.
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    You may get some kick backs over it. But if they paid less on ebay than what they could have gotten it on amazon and its what they ordered then I dont see a big issue of it.
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    Simply put:YES

    Why I say that?Because customers can find a way to complain about anything possible.It's not so much the "problem" but how you manage to figure out a solution for it(or even better to prevent it in the first place).I don't do Amazon to ebay but I honestly hear the number of people who complain about the box/price are actually LOWER than what I thought it would be(especially since alot of them do upwards 500 orders a month).I assume the chances of complaints probably varies from niche to niche since different categories usually equals different personalities.For instance,electronic customers can be the ultimate pains and scammers sometimes so I wouldn't expect to not get some neg feedback when they see the box in general.Find a niche with a more laid back/none price competitive customer base and the chances of dealing with such may even be none existent in general since they may actually just buy what they want from where they like not so much for the price.

    Also like I end up having to tell alot of amazon to ebayers ,the gift option is really not what you need to worry about mainly because I don't even think Amazon packs invoices anymore.IF I had to worry about something I'd worry more about the supplier's promo/invoices because I swear I feel like I've gotten supplier information and the price of my product in the actual product's box that was sent to amazon for fba(to be exact it was some arnica oil I bought).
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    This is a great question and the answer is strongly connected to human psychology surrounding fairness. When someone makes a purchasing decision, they make the decision based on emotions and justify it with reason. Part of the emotional process of buying something is the trade-off between spending money and receiving the item - do I feel like the item is worth the money that I'm paying for it? Am I happy to pay this much or is it a bit of a stretch? Could I have gotten it for cheaper?

    Humans have always lived in groups and many of us are hardwired to have very predictable feelings about fairness. People are extremely sensitive to being treated unfairly and you may be surprised at the way people will behave when they feel like they have been ripped off.

    I remember being a kid and trading my extra Bulbasaur card for my friend's Charmander with another boy in my class. When he saw that I now had one of each card but that he had just traded one for the other, he felt ripped off!

    A study had people in partners where the two partners were designated A and B. The partners did a task together and A was given twenty dollars to share between himself and B as he saw fit as compensation. Person B had the option to either accept the option or to prevent either person from being paid. It was found that when B felt the offer was unfair - when A took more than his fair share - person B would frequently choose to get no money rather than an unequal share.

    For a lot of people, the feeling of being treated fairly is more valuable than trivial amounts of money.

    Your customers don't want to know that you're drop-shipping them a product that they could have purchased directly and making a profit on it. They will refund your product and purchase it directly from Amazon if possible, or give you a bad review, and this will happen consistently because it feels unfair when someone else buys something from a merchant, marks it up, and then sells it to you.

    This may not make sense from a business standpoint - everybody needs to make a profit - but because you're not connected to the actual supplier, folks won't feel like you deserved the profit and will sometimes go to great lengths to claw their dollars back from you (speaking from experience). Be very cautious and ensure you set a favorable refund/return policy for any items that you sell in this manner.
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