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List of solutions.

Pulls SEO data in realtime from servers and filters it in realtime to send reports on backlinks, saves 80-95% of the effort of using Ahrefs or Majestic with better results, running costs are zero.

Affiliate Data Load WooCommerce/Magento
Data load tool based on table entries in PHP which auto loads from networks and updates WooCommerce or Magento, it's delta load so only processes changes and can handle millions of records per day on low grade servers $10/mth.

Affiliate Data Load Magento
This is similar to above but based on Pimcore and autoloads to Magento, you can run a 1million product site from zero in 1mth and auto syncs to the networks, good high volume such as travel, fashion, beauty, parts.

Affiliate Magento Fashion Site
This is a fully running site with the affiliate data load tool for Fashion with a handful of installed retailers, it was being setup for launch before the change of direction, you can have the affiliate network account as well. Mapping takes around 30mins per new company file, auto syncs but needs some good servers however can also provide the Amazon AWS instance which also has the Pimcore setup.

Content Management for Magento
Takes supplier files in to the Pimcore solution, cleans the data and loads the products with pricing and images. Images can then be edited inline and extra data added to products, and then exploded to Magento, it means someone can manage 10x more products and is based around the same process that Walmart uses.

Amazon AWS for Magento
This is a hosting environment that allows a new site to launch from zero to 35% indexed in a few days with ranking, it's the way it's designed and the specific settings that Google takes account of pushing the rankings higher. It runs on Amazon AWS who have a free 12mth tier for new accounts.

Amazon AWS for Drupal/Joomla/WordPress
There are also the same AMIs for these CMS which provides a much better ranking and indexing platform than hosted including multi-server clusters for high volume. They are better for someone wanting to host other peoples sites, used the 7instance clusters with 100,000s of products and Google ranked them first page.

Realtime Pricing for Magento
This is a little special, it keeps the prices in the wholesale buy price and in realtime converts the price to the customers location including adding Cost of Goods Sold, warehouse handling, shipping, import duties, taxes, discounts, etc. Companies like Net-A-Porter use this functionality to that they only have to maintain one price across all countries and for all currencies without dataloading. It also allows flash sales across categories, brands, with one click, instead of a multi-hour data load.

Excel Dataload for Magento
This is a very simple Excel spreadsheet that you drag-drop to a file store and the PHP code processes the file syncing to Magento updating pricing, images, creating new products. It is ideally suited for a SaaS platform to business people who don't understand the data loading process but need better productivity managing products.

To be clear, the people who built them also do finance and had a breakthrough these past months. They can make a lot more money from launching funds than launching eCommerce sites so a few months ago ceased the launches which were due to go live for Christmas sales. All the technology is launched proof of concept using retail platforms but adapted to make them more efficient and simple.

We deal with Europe, someone else is dealing with Americas and another with Asia. If anyone feels they can do something with them we are the liaison, you get the source and the working solution to do whatever you want with it. Set up a SaaS service for per month subscription, resell the source code, use it for your own sites, up to you. We launched an international site using Magento version, beauty products, and sold it for 5figures not long thereafter with a 1day handover.

If you have any sensible questions fire away, however they will scrap the servers in the coming weeks, they are designed to be used by business people with no technical experience which is where the SaaS comes in if you run the platform. As with most things in life no-one misses what they don't know they need.
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