Is there any limit on the content on any page of an ecommerce portal?

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How much content should we write on any specific page which we want google to rank? Have read that 25% text/html ratio is considered good. But do we get penalized for writing more content considering that it is a e-commerce category page?

And what is the best way to calculate code/html ratio? I have seen different tool reporting different results.

Eg. for page XYZ

I have one result as as 6.36% (

While other one shows 40% (smallseotools com/code-to-text-ratio-checker/)

Which one to believe and how much should be the minimum and maximum target?

Thanks in advance
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    Don't believe either. The text to HTML ratio is a hair brained theory with a few examples that show a correlation but none that show any proof. I seem to remember reading about it on a very popular SEO blog and someone posting in the comments that if their hypothesis were true, the forum they were posting on would not rank for anything, which it clearly does.

    Clearly, the more words you write, the more there is to be indexed - especially if those words contain a lot of keyword related text. There is no such thing as a minimum amount of text because it all depends on the page your are trying to rank, how much text competitors have and the number of backlinks those pages have. You definitely need text; how much is impossible to say without seeing the competition. That said, I would suggest an absolute bare minimum of 300 words if you want to stand a chance at being indexed for anything truly worth being indexed for if it is at all a competitive phrase.
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    As the other reply said, that ratio of text and HTML should be ignored.

    Some internet-marketers say a minimum of 500 words is ideal.

    You should have more words on articles (such as blog articles or other similar content) . . . at least 1200 words these days (don't believe out-dated info that says 600 words is ideal for articles, that was good years ago, but not now).


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