Boost traffic for a big sale campaign?

by Wilfried Assouan 3 replies
Hello all,

We are all set to launch the biggest sale event of ou year on our website. We ve got paid campaigns ready to launch (criteo, cake, facebook, cake, adwords, facebook) as well as free channels (newsletters, push notifications fot the app and even sms) I am now seating and wondering what more channels or technique we forgot or might be able to leverage if we happen to need more traffic or face scarcity in conversions..wdyt?
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    • It's a commercial campaign on a Marketplace with lot of discounts on alla categories. But yes we've activated all the above.
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    You will always need more traffic and if this is your first time trying to convert this particular product/service, theres a good chance your conversions will need some work too. Plan for this. Just fire on all cylinders hit up every source you can find.

    For another source you can try, I'd recommend youtube video ads!
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    • Thanks.

      I was wondering, Have you ever used or seen someone use criteo to push anything else than a product ? I mean something like an information ?
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