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Hi all,

After a bit of reading, I've decided to take a stab Teespring and utilizing FB ads for targeting. While I understand the "Teespring boat" has long sailed, I just figured this was something that would be relatively easier for me to get my feet wet with FB ads etc.

I've launched 3 campaigns so far, and I seem to be barely getting any engagement let along sales on the site. I've been trying to target different niches and experiment and applying some of the readings from this forum but it seems like my FB ad results are abysmal to say the least.

Was hoping if there are any pointers for improvements which I can take as a learning opportunity would be greatly appreciated! Hoping to get better and learn my way around things!

Thank you very much in advance!

A quick summary of my 3 campaigns:

1. "WOD Your Heart Out"
- Post Engagement campaign
My post

Audience (news feed only)
Lives in California
Interests in Norcal Crossfit


2. "Drone Dad"
-Web Click campaign
My Post

Audience (news feed + audience network only)


3. "Curling Rocks" - in progress
-Post Engagement (no links - feeler post)

Audience (news feed only)

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    There is more to being successful on FB Ads than just the shirt itself! While I believe your shirts aren't so bad, the ad copy, ad images, and way it is presented can be improved on. The Drone one screams ad with the border you put around. When I'm scrolling on FB I screenshot the HIGH engagement ads, and almost ALWAYS, they are very plain, and don't have the fancy borders etc to catch attention. If you have something interesting to show potential customers, it won't take bulking up the ad to grab their attention.

    At the same time, your copy can use some work. The more they have to read, the more likely they will scroll on by. I see a lot of highly successful ads, and the text is usually a lot shorter, or they utilize video.

    There is a LOT to split test with FB ads, and if you give up after the first round then you'll never see the true power in FB Ads. I recommend you keep testing different images, different angles, new copy, and more targeting. You're bound to find the winning combo if you have grit. Otherwise, you can rule it out as being the design if you can't manage to get sales.

    Best of luck!


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    Thank you very much for your input Saul!

    Yeah, its a bit confusing at the beginning because there are so many variables as to why my campaigns don't perform (ad copy or shirt design or FB targeting etc)! Its very helpful to know where I can concentrate on to improve!

    Also very good suggestion to learn from other high engagement ads. I'll keep that in mind going forward.

    I've launched another campaign recently and tried using the "audience network". It seem to produce a lot of clicks onto the campaign but no sales. Just wondering if this an effective means to use as I seem to get pretty good clicks with it ($5 budget a day gets me around 30 clicks a day but no sales).

    Again, much appreciate your input!
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