How to avoid low quality leads?

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If you have understood some marketing you know that in order to attract customers you need leads. Leads is an Anglicism that means nothing more than qualified contacts.

What is a lead, contact and qualified contact?
Before going into detail you have to be clear on the basis. Lets take a second to define the terms to be able to differentiate the nuances:
  • Contact:
they continue to exist in real life. They are people to whom you link some personal or professional. Many accumulate contacts on LinkedIn because they think that miraculously these can become customers.
  • Lead or qualified contact:
one of the essential differences is that in these cases we have a name and the data at least one way of communication (mobile, postal address, e-mail, etc.). To this is added another ingredient that many are often forgotten. They have permission and in an ideal case even the desire to be contacted.

Top mistakes when it comes to getting leads
Leads of low quality are those that do not convert. In other words, you will never get customers from that contact base. The main reasons are in the form of catchment. By avoiding these mistakes, you achieve a higher quality and, consequently, a better ratio of conversion to paid customer.

Focus on free lotteries and things

This is probably the most serious of all. It is relatively easy to achieve many registrations through free actions. The down side is that these people are attracted to the free part. When you try to withdraw money the problems may come because the conversion will be very low.

This does not mean that draws or nothing should be done in this line but a good balance has to be achieved. The prize must always be related to the product or service of payment that you offer. In the ideal case draws a free sample of your offer. This ensures that there is a real interest in your product or service but then equal availability to pay for it is not insured.

Fishing in the wrong channels

This also implies fishing in unsuitable waters. Stay away from those platforms that promise you a catchment per user at a very low price, since the later quality will not make the effort profitable. The cheap on these occasions rarely is a good option.

Overoptimizing Landing Pages

This may seem strange, but I have a theory of its own. People really interested will find a way to get in touch with you. If a user does not take even 3 seconds of time because you have not put the registration form down instead of above you may have a bit of work ahead when it comes to converting.

In my case I do not offer that I offer online marketing services but nevertheless generated several contacts of potential clients. Until now, I did not work for third parties, which could change soon. So putting a catch-up banner with a hyper-optimized landing page could generate me many

Failure to respect deadlines and frequency of communication

The contacts need to be activated but also cooled or burned. Allowing too much time to initiate communication causes people to forget that they have registered on some form of you. In the same way you have to be careful not to stop by and send an email or call by phone every 2-3 days.

I can not give you exact deadlines but it is good in any case to apply common sense or at least make the effort. It is a matter of experience, trial and error. With this you will not run the risk of turning a qualified contact into a cooled or burned one.

It is better to take care of quality than the number of contacts. Both strategies are perfectly viable. When a lot of data is accumulated focusing on the cost of capture, you have to invest at least the same or more to reach the level of a qualified contact. Therefore it is necessary to reflect if it is not a shorter way, to invest more from the beginning making sure to arrive at the objective before.
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