Is it possible to sell bad traffic?

by Nadya5
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I have met many ppl, who have REALLY BAD traffic and they claim that they make real profit out of it.

Is it possible to sell such crap to any network or platform at all?

I just can`t believe anyone would buy that.

But...if they are still on the market.. it means, they DO make money .Right?
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    People buy traffic for a lot of different reasons.

    Some do it to get more customers, and they need real, targeted, high quality traffic.
    But some people buy traffic simply to boost their Alexa rank (before they sell their website, for example).
    Some think it will help their search engine rankings.
    Some people are simply too naive, and don't understand that they are buying low quality, probably bot traffic.

    Go to Fiverr and see that a lot of people who sell bad quality or bot traffic have a lot of orders, and even 5 star reviews.

    So to answer your question - yes, you can make money selling bad quality traffic, because there will always be people who either don't care about the quality, or are simply too naive to understand it.

    Hope I gave you what you where looking for,
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    I am not quite sure what you mean by "bad traffic" unless you are talking about bot traffic or incentivised traffic there really is only two types of traffic
    1) Targeted
    2) Untargeted

    You can get a crap ton of untargeted traffic for cheap and see little to no results because the people are simply not interested in what you are offering. If your website is getting untargeted traffic then the best way to make money off it is by ripping other people off by selling your traffic. I've seen people who run websites that they get a lot of views from and then use a link rotator and have the persons website they are "promoting" pop open in a new tab or window so the user does not even know that they are viewing the customers website. ( These are usually the guys that will advertise "Low bounce rate traffic") There is some shady stuff out there. If you are cunning enough and are willing to rip people off then you can profit big time off of untargeted traffic.
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