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Hi guys,

Recently I have revamp the website so I need a feedback from you regarding Call to action, website layout and speed etc. Here is the link: AMZInsight - SMART Amazon Research & Keyword Tracking Tool

I have create thread here because my website and product is for amazon sellers.
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    I like it. It's clean and looks very professional to me. The logo is a bit 'tripadviro'y for me though. Just my two cents. Very nice though.
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    *trip advisor*, sorry.
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    I would pretty much say the same as newbim.

    Very nice design, easy on the eyes. Great layout and the colours go very well together.

    The only issue I spotted was also that the Logo looks like a rip-off of TripAdvisor.

    Best of luck!!
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    Looks good, may want to move the promotional/launch pricing to the top, For example: the specialist package, take the $79, cross it out, add "Launch Price: $39/mo" and the promo code underneath.

    You're assuming that people will read all the way through each bullet point to come to that special launch price. I almost missed it. Initially, they may see $79 and want to click off the page because its too much money, but if they see theres a special launch price, you may have higher conversion rate -- Especially since "launch" price creates a sense of urgency, it seems like a limited time offer since you just launched. Though in reality, I don't know when you launched, but it's a good way to create urgency in the viewers mind.
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    DO NOT move the pricing to the top. Your site is the backbone of your business and you cannot provide value through it when they click your site and the first thing they see is a price. Especially when they may have stumbled there and not even know what the website is. If it were me and I made it to your site and saw a price right away without even knowing what your site was I would click off it. But your site looks fresh to death.
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      It wasn't necessarily the placement of the pricing that I was recommending, whether it's at the top or the bottom, its just a matter of bringing the pricing, and the launch pricing, together to be cohesive. So if he's going to put it at the bottom, just make sure the "launch price" is nearby so they're in unison.
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    Your website looks amazing, its very clean and professional, and the copywriting is simple and goes directly to the point.

    One thing tough, I may take the "custom package" from the other packages and put into a separate section or something like that, so that it doesn't take visibility to the others offers.
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    Very nice design it look like clean and easy understand.
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