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Founding a profitable niche is one of the most challenging things a marketing must do, and its essential, if you try to create a store or a business in a niche that is already crowded with other business you will fail, unless your product is so good that it can by pass the competition with little or no effort, but that is not the case for most of us.

Yaros have made some strong suggestion in this subforum regarding profitable niches.

These are some of the keys that I believe we must take into account when we are choosing a niche:

Pages indexed in Google

For my 1,000,000 pages indexed in Google is a magic number. All that is below this figure I consider (without having yet carried out a study in greater depth) as a possible subject of "little competition".

Everything that is below 500,000 pages indexed is practically non-existent for Google and I classify it as little or no competition..

Sites indexed in the top 20 of the niche

You may not be the first to realize that a niche is under-exploited. You will quickly realize by analyzing the top 20 under the most relevant keywords. After 10 years you can differentiate at first sight if it is a corporate site, a passionate individual or if you have cast some marketer interested in making profitability through your website. You seldom meet any of them. Although there are already some you may be arriving still in time to position yourself in front of everyone else who could follow.

You should not only search webs of other SEOs or webmasters but it is also important to look at the authority of those who occupy the top positions.

Slight competition on online advertising platforms

What we are looking for are topics with a relevant search volume (from 1,000), a low Adwords CPC (below explain why even though you can already imagine) and a potentially high product margin. The strategy can not be to settle with niches unattractive but to identify those in which the others have not yet fallen.

Lets talk about Adwords. In case you want to open an online store you are interested in generating income from the first day. The Onpage and Offpage SEO work brings the first significant results after 3-5 months. So we have to generate visits in another way to reach the first sales. A low CPC indicates that we do not have to compete with many advertisers. So in the optimal case it can be quickly profitable to hire advertisements especially if our product margin gives us some maneuver to invest in advertising.

There are attractive niches beyond the best known. Take the time to look for them. Do not expect to find it in a few days because it will take some time to not think like others to explore new roads.

I have clear that Adsense (for me) is not the solution. If you want to earn some money online with little traffic it is better to sell a product. Obviously there are people who earn a lot with 3 ads without having to worry about more. But they handle millions of page views per month. Those who move on the internet know what it takes to get there.

What are the other keys you think should be taken into account when researching niches?
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    I work in IT and I've been to A LOT of job interviews this year. A lot of successful companies I've visited make $$$$$ by selling access to their database of, er, data. Data can be very valuable and actually most of these business are pretty low tech in that they employ researchers to simply collect the data by hand. This would could easily be done by VA's.

    Well if you make your own data business and make millions of dollars, please give my post thanks!
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