3000$ / month Dropshipping store . What should I expect ?

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Hello everyone,

recently one of my regular clients offered me XX.XXX$ For a store I have

The store makes an average of 3000$ monthly in profit .

I said that I need some time to think about it . Honestly I just want a head up of how much I can sell it for ?

Any ideas ?
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    How about rent it to him for $3000/month?
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    Usually you want to take what the site is making per month and times by x12

    This will give you an idea of an asking price if you were to accept a lump sum for the site/store

    If it is making 3k a month and the guy is offering you 3k total for the site, you should not accept that offer.

    Just my two cents Hope it helps
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    if its around 50k its fine to sell..
    But it all depends on your money situation right now? Do you really need the capital? Are you starting something bigger? If the answer tho those questions is No. Than you shouldn't sell. Be happy with your 3k and try to scale it bigger.
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    xx,xxx is accurate depending on a few things. Is the traffic organic or paid? If it is paid, it is going to be worth a lot less than if it is organic.
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    From what I've seen, the going rate for selling a website is around 20x its monthly net profit. There's also a lot of other factors that would matter like growth rate, growth potential, how much time it takes to manage, etc.
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    Buying and selling websites is where I made my name in the online business world - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...owXlna2wDWTCfg

    Sites normally get somewhere between 18 and 24 times the monthly net profit, all depending on the type of site and its ability to grow.

    12 times the monthly net profit is about the lowest I've ever seen a site sell for and that usually only happens when the seller is desperate or the site is not one that looks like it has good opportunity for long times sales or growth.

    The most you would ever get for a site is 36 times the monthly profit and it would have to be a site that is a "forever" niche with an impeccably clean backlink profile and lots of opportunities for further growth.
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      It's actually usually 10-24x monthly profit
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