How to Sell Online on (Jet, Walmart, Newegg, Amazon etc..) ?

by Pradeepsinghsmo 5 replies

I have Ecommerce Store. Want to sell online in Different Marketplace? How Is this possible?
please share your experience here.

Thank You.
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    Start by expanding into one marketplace at a time.
    I would recommend starting with Amazon FBA.

    For more info on that - a quick google search should do.
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    I would also strong suggest you sell on Amazon via FBA.
    A very significant percentage of people who are planning to buy online go directly to Amazon first thing. Amazon has huge buyer traffic volume and very high consumer confidence.

    It only makes sense to have some of your inventory in front of the people who buy online.
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    If you are planning to sell on various platforms, I suggest you go with multi-channel e-commerce solution. These solutions help you integrate your all marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines. So now you get to handle everything of your storefronts from a centralized platform, including real-time inventory management, product listing and order fulfillment.
    So yeah, look around for a good e-commerce solution that meets your individual needs and budget. Since you’re planning to sell on Jet, Walmart, Newegg, Amazon and more, you can go with the likes of ChannelAdvisor and ChannelSale. But again, you also have to see your budget. ChannelAdvisor charge quite high. Good luck!!!
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    I would also focus on Amazon. What I would do is:

    1. Hire a model (if it's clothing or something involving people) and get top quality original photos.

    2. Write really good product descriptions.

    3. Put the effort in to get the stuff in Amazon warehouses. I know nothing about this but I do know that when I order stuff it comes really quickly.
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    Originally Posted by Pradeepsinghsmo View Post


    I have Ecommerce Store. Want to sell online in Different Marketplace? How Is this possible?
    please share your experience here.

    Thank You.
    It's wise to use multiple platforms for ecommerce.

    This not only spreads your risk of any one platform having problems, but also increases sales too. I can vouch for this approach: I first built a 6 figure a month business on amazon before spreading out onto other platforms (after amazon my next move was to add Shopify).

    So, you're taking the right approach. Good luck with your ventures.
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