Dropshipping from China + Competing against Amazon prices = Possible???

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Hi guys,

I need your advice on a dropshipping-related topic which (I believe) almost all of you had to deal with at some point:

So I found a very hot product (a women's accessory) which is currently sold on AliExpress for $6 (+ free delivery to the US within 10-20 days).

This product is also featured on Amazon (sold under Amazon Prime, to be precise) for $14 (+ free delivery to any US address within 2 days).

At the same time there is also a bunch of 3rd party dropshipping websites selling that product for insane $20 (+ 10-20 days delivery from China)!!! I checked all of them, and their business seems to be flourishing - they all are regularly updated, there is some recent feedback from their customers, etc.

Now my questions is: HOW IN THE WORLD do they manage to sell that product for ~40% more than Amazon's price (not to mention their slow 10-20 days delivery vs only 2 days if bought on Amazon)??? So it IS actually possible to compete against Amazon when you dropship stuff from China??? I thought that in the US people almost always check their prices against Amazon when buying online... Or am I missing something?
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