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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link my website but I'm looking for advice in terms of the look the product layout etc.

If anyone would be able to take a look that would be great!

My company is a non-profit organization and I have to do all the web design, product pictures etc on my own. It's a pretty big learning curve and any advice is greatly appreciated!

Site link : www.mywoodcrafting.com

I am by no means trying to sell anyone anything on this site! Just looking for better ways to put out the product that we are offering as well as presenting it on the website!

  • I'm new to ecommerce so it may not be the advice you are looking for but I try to stay in my lane when giving advice

    It sounds like you are working for a good cause... but it doesn't really look that way on your website. To those who just clicked on your website and don't know anything about you... it is important to instantly give them the impression that you are a credible and worthy cause.

    In your "About Us" page put a picture or some faces to the "us" part, preferably with some success stories in a caption or link under those you have helped to tell their story. Remember the internet is full of disingenuous websites claiming they are non-profits when they are really just trying to make a buck.

    Cleaning up your about page by making it easier to read and adding the smiles with success stories produced by your non-profit will go a long way to give some instant credibility.
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