Does anyone have experience with China's Fulfillment Companies

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Hi, Warriors!

I need some informations, better if someone have personal experience with Fulfillment companies in China, but seller is located outside China. I've searched on Google and found some companies, but there are no quality reviews and personal experience in recent past of those companies. I want to know does any of them offer to check quality of the products received from manufacturers, because I can't go everytime in China to check it by myself. I'm interested in moving some products into Amazon FBA.

I'm currently using AliExpress dropshipping model, but there are some disadvantages. First of all, everybody is doing that, retail prices, not knowing whole invetory. I can order products those that I want to resell, problem is that I can't see whole invetory, and seller can ship products with defects, and that negatively affect my reputation. Also, I have couple of orders where workers shipped out empty packages. And I have to remind also that I don't work with sellers that have low reputation on AliExpress, I have personal contact with them on Facebook. This is model that I've only used to test out how things work, and I think is not something to rely on longterm.
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    Check out Importexport's (Walter Hay) many posts on this subject and subscribe to his course. It will help you weed out the good from the bad companies.
    FREE ONLINE COURSE- Learn How to Dropship the Right Way!
    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox News, the NY Times & Flippa
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      Check out Importexport's (Walter Hay) many posts on this subject and subscribe to his course. It will help you weed out the good from the bad companies.
      I've read his topic, I'm more interested in buying products and store them in China, I have customers from different markets currently that's generating decent amount of sales. I think that relying only on US market is "not my cup of tea", there are so many people trying to compete on US market. That is why I'm more interested in China's fulfillment companies. Also, I'm going to be able to sell some products wholesale.
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    I second Dave's suggestion that Walter would be the man to talk to. Mildly confused as you say you are interested in FBA but then you say you want fulfillment companies in China. I suppose you could do both.
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    I recently had to do some research on those also. The first 3 should be the most well known third party logistics services. I suggest taking a quote from all of them.

    Potential 3PL Services:

    Cost: FREE warehousing for the first three months.Handling fees are charged at moderately lower prices for each parcel shipped
    Integration: Professional and real time inventory management via API, plugins and WMS
    Logistics: They select the best cost-effective shipping method to assure timely arrival
    They also offer: Customized boxes, marketing inserts and package design.

    Itegreates with many e-commerce softwares
    Fulfilled in 24hours
    Fast worldwide shipping
    Different shipping solutions for optional
    No long-term contract
    No set up cost
    Simple set-up process
    Flexible per-order pricing

    SFC is startup-friendly because of its scalable Monthly Plan. This is very appealing to newand small businesses. Footful takes full advantage of the low barriers to entry and begins with the minimum plan.
    There is no contract and therefore the minimum plan is almost like an affordable trial which allows Footful to assess and develop trust with SFC before making a full commitment to bring in more stock. It can operate within its comfort zone and there is no pressure to get immediate sales for paying off warehousing and logistics bills. And more importantly, the initial partnership has enabled Footful to appreciate that some things are better left to the experts. It does not have to reinvent the wheel! Footful has never looked back since and has upgraded to a larger plan to cater for its B2B and B2C needs.

    I hope it helps.
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    They offfer Fedex packet which is faster than Epacket.
    A good solution for slow shipping from China
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