Best platform to start Merch store?

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So I currently run a fairly large twitter page and I'm really eager to get an online merchandise store up and running to promote to my audience. I'm struggling to decide on what platform or platforms to run my store through...

I'm 100% set on using Shopify as my main store platform, but then there are so many different middle-man like platforms to choose from.

I've read threads saying I should use Amazon Merch, but then they have a fulfillment middle man like teelaunch being used. I've also tried teespring before. Another article I read suggested a shopify store with a fulfillment company called Printful.

So I'm confused as to what combination of these platforms will work the best? What's the point of having an Amazon store being ran through a shopify store? Couldn't I just create tee-shirts and products on teespring and link them to my shopify store? Or am I not understanding how the relationship between amazon merch and shopify works?
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    In your example, since you mention using Shopify, that would be your main centralized storefront and website, should you choose to add additional content, such as a blog. You would link your Twitter account, as well as any other social media accounts. Then use the integration to pull from teespring,, from there, you would use Shopify to push your products over to Amazon, etc, using the built in integrations they have, or other 3rd party apps.

    There's the short version of it.
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    In my opinion I will say Amazon is the best platform to start merch store. Thanks.
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    Amazon fulfillment and selling on Amazon are two different things. You can definitely use Amazon's fulfillment services to inventory, pack and ship your products without ever selling them on Amazon.

    If you are selling on Amazon, it is separate from your own website. They are just a marketing channel, whether they fulfill the order or you pack and ship it yourself (or another fulfillment center does). Even if they are being sold on Amazon, you can still contact the customer after the sale and market to them for future purchases through your own website.
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  • I really like Teelaunch for Shopify.

    Getting approved for Amazon Merch can be a long drawn out process. Not even sure what it takes to get accepted these days. It has already become saturated. I applied maybe 6 months ago and have not heard a peep about my application.

    If you have a way to send targeted traffic to your shopify store than there is no need to have Amazon. Additionally, when you place your own designs on Amazon, it is highly likely that they will be copied.

    I was reading the other day how there are people who literally just scour Amazon for designs, find ones that are selling well, and copy them.

    I would stick to your shopify store and use teelaunch, or printful. There are a few companies that integrate directly in to shopify.
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    Do Merch by Amazon instead. Amazon has a ton of hungry buyers. With Shopify you are going to need to drive your own traffic
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    • Wow..just got approved for Merch by Amazon....they said in their message that hey had to work on growing their infrastructure. Anyways, highly recommend applying...
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