Mage Omega by Greg Jacobs - any success stories?

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Anybody out there in Warrior land purchase Greg Jacobs newest product Mage Omega and having success. Would like to hear about successes, pros and cons of the program.

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    I got this course back in Janurary and have probably not done as well as some of the people in the private facebook group, but really it is my fault because I got distracted with some personal issues.

    but I can say that I am earning a steady $500-600 a week and that is through just one product.

    The method that Greg teaches is a quantity over quality way - meaning that he teaches to not put too much effort into any one particualr product in the beginning because you don't know what is going to succeed and what is no so Greg teaches to just plop 5 products up at a time and throw $5 ads at them scatter shot.

    From there we find a "winner" and then start to scale and refine it.

    The strategy was a little off-putting for me at first because i am a bit of a perfectionist, however I realized that in all of my other eCom adventures, i usually failed anyways and this I succeeded. So go figure

    Greg says the product is the most important thing, the targeting, the ad, the micro tweaking secondary - so we just need to find our winner and run with it.

    I hope to get back into it this week - he also is solid in the ongoing support and training - bringing in guest teachers and active daily on the FB group showing what is working.

    I really should be doing more with it and am going to get back on it after today's training.
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      So, do you have an update for the community on how things have went with the Mage Omega system?
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      Yes, you are right, it's a good piece of training I attended. Working for my new projects with the funnels offered by Greg.
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        Hey WZM... thanks for the review. Hows it going now with Mageomega? You making any progress?
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    Jeff Lenney has a pretty good review on his blog, and I just saw that he added a video too

    Mage Omega X (2017) Review

    Worth a read, he goes into the members area and stuff too. Not sure if I believe EVERYTHING he says about this being easy, but i'm definitely intrigued now.

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    FYI - I ended up picking up Mage Omega X YESTERDAY, after a webinar - VERY solid program - I take BACK what I said about Jeff's review up above, VERY great information and def a good representation of the product!

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    Following this thread now.

    Thank-you for starting it.

    How goes it for you folks these last weeks with MAGEOMEGA?

    Understanding there is some added investment to move along the steps.

    FB advertising for one.

    How much $ should be on hand to try and implement the FB ads?

    I heard somewhere in the vicinity of a few hundred dollars.
    Seems to be a fair bit of money for this part of the process.
    Does this amount seem over blown?

    Click funnels seems to be a mandatory part of the course.
    Could we not use another platform such as INSTASUITE 2.0 and avoid the 100 dollars a month for CF ?

    I understand the templates are important but could they not be duplicated or exported out to another marketing platform.

    I too am Interested in any updated feedback or tips as how to best navigate, Mage Omega x and any suggestions to save some dollars moving through without watering down the product and stalling out.

    Have a good one, folks.
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      I joined Click Funnels, screencapped the funnels and built them in Instsuite. Cancelled CF before the week was up.
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    I signed up on 10/14. The 3 pay option.
    Good nuts and bolts/ play by play info so far. ...step by step details.

    No communication though.
    Customer service hasnt responded to week old requests.
    Same with the Facebook Group request.

    In the presentation, Greg says, after setup, he will provide coaching/ selling 4 items hand picked by him through 4 separate funnels. That hands on offer was the hook that caused me to bite. I need realtime success under my belt for a change. But now I'm seeing a real red flag. What the heck!
    Keys to training are honesty, communication and feedback. Has anyone had better success with Mage Omega?
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    When I joined the Facebook group and saw the warning about negative and critical remarks being removed - that raised a red flag. I think the system has potential but the profits are too small to sustain FB adspend. Get some funnels out there and look at promotion with social media. Take a longer term perspective and work on other potential income streams at the same time.
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