If you have to pick the best Ecommerce platform to use what would it be?

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There is so manyecommerce platform such as shopify, vistaprint, godaddy, bigcommerce, wix, volusion, weebly, etc. Which one would you choose and why.
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    Shopify , a lot of plugins , tutorials , integrations , Payment procesors ...
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    38% of eCommerce in these day are on woocommerce - is free plugin for WordPress, but if you are new to WordPress - so it better to invest on shopify
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    It really depends on your skill level and needs or requirements, here is a list of the top leading eCommerce platforms i would reference for you to look at:

    - Shopify.com ( Simple to use for beginners, Not the best option though IMO )
    - Wishflip.com ( Most rich in features, Great training & Best of all their Dreamwish plan guarantees sales )
    - Magento ( Great for SEO, Very heavy on server resources, costly server requirements & heavily bloated )
    - Bigcommerce ( Nice all rounder platform with a good track record )
    - Prestashop ( Nice all Rounder )
    - Wix ( Dont even go there, do yourself a favor )

    The winner for me was first shopify, as a beginner it really helped me grow to where i am today, Nowdays i prefer wishflip, mainly for its marketing resources that help me makes sales. Whats most important for me is the marketing of my eCommerce site. Many people start eCommerce only to find they cant make sales, close shop & call it a day then say ecommerce doesnt work. Your question asks about the best ecommerce platform, however there are many aspects about ecommerce, from speed, to seo and marketing. In my honest opinion the best ecommerce platform is the one that makes the most sales and has the best features for customers.

    Could you tell us what your requirements are? The Professional Warriors here will help you better make a decision. Example you might want an incentive based ecommerce store that awards points to users who buy, this encourages customer loyalty. You might be interested in dropshipping or even multi vendor ecommerce sites like ebay or etsy. All this is vital information when choosing a reliable ecommerce platform.

    Best of luck with your new venture
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      wix i think it's best solution just for small business 5 to 10 product
      and they do a new apps can you take a tour there again you will change your opinion
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    We recommend BigCommerce 3DCart and Shopify in our course for true eCommerce stores and WoocCommerce for affiliate sites. For most new startup eCommerce stores, our cart of choice is 3DCart, which is what 90% of our more than 50 eCommerce stores are on. Although you pay extra for bandwidth overages, the starting prices are lower than the other carts and they include a ton of plugins for free that you would be paying extra monthly charges for with Shopify and BigCommerce.

    Frankly, you are not going to get a consensus here. Every shopping cart has its strengths and weaknesses and some are better for certain eCommerce sites than others. Many people here have not tried every shopping cart platform out there (I've tried every one that I know of), so you are bound to get some uneducated responses here.The only way to answer the question for yourself is to give them all a test drive - they all have free trial periods - and see for yourself which one works best for you.
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    i will recommend to use Boomer Marketing App to setup quick ecommerce website with integrated payment gateways and logistics.
    Tanooja Agarwal,
    Small Business Owner
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      Like Shim333, I would recommend WooCommerce since it is widely used and also free. There are plenty of tutorials available online detailing how to install it.

      Otherwise, Shopify is perhaps your next best bet.
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    Hello Dear,
    Shopify will be the best option according to my experience.

    Abhishek Nigam
    Owner | Search Engine Times |

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    Shopify is definitely the best. A ton of easy customisation, and their servers can handle a lot of traffic!
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    Shopify is the best platform I think.
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    The best option overall continues to be WOOCommerce payment gateways, for both the simplicity of its integration with Wordpress, and its flexibility (paid extensions are available to scale up the e-commerce sites's functionality to whatever one needs).
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