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Hello guys im just searching for a complete e-commerce ebook . If any of you can help plz do it!Thank you in advance.
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    Originally Posted by George Kokorikos View Post

    Hello guys im just searching for a complete e-commerce ebook . If any of you can help plz do it!Thank you in advance.
    My advice would be to start with some of the free stuff that Ezra Firestone produces.

    I've built a successful ecommerce business utilising his material and combined this with a six-figure per month amazon business I had created.

    There are plenty of other free resources around, just google.

    Good luck with your ventures.
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    Well eCommerce is a great biz to be in, I would recommend the dummies book to give you a good heads up. Somebody recommended Ezra firestone no personal experience but he does have a good pedigree. For me, though if I wanted a really good kick ass mentor then it would have to be Roger at Really Successful 0-500k $ / month in 18months, he really knows how to market in eCommerce.
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    I expect there are a lot of informative videos on ecommerce on Youtube. Probably worth checking those for some tips and also it may lead to the kind of ebook you are asking about.
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  • Thank you all for your advices!! I have some experience tbh with social media google adwords and SEO . I just wanted some extra tips from more experienced people to help me achieve my goals , my KPIS. I have 2 projects running right now. 1 Pet eshop and 1 industrial , the second project is really hard to find new customers via internet im just trying my best , thats why i wanted to check any good ebook to give me more ideas on how to succeed on both projects.
    Kind regards.
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    I don't know of any eCommerce books that give a complete guidance and make you understand it the way you need it (there are a lot for the "big guys", transitioning from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce).

    You can take a look at my channel (see my signature), I'm actually releasing a complete 1 hour video tomorrow evening.

    However, ultimately a great part of your success comes from trial and error!

    Good luck!
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