Shopify: limit per IP address and problems with 'add to cart'

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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, in the last week Shopify support team was not helpful with problems we are experiencing on our webshop so I'm wondering if anyone had similar issues. Our website is running on two platforms: Shopify + CMS platform we use for landing pages, home page etc.

10 days ago we noticed that some users are experiencing problems with add to cart button - if they try to add a product, their Shopify cart in a slider is blank and contains no products. If they would click on the checkout button, Shopify page would show error message: too many attempts

After several days and 2 completely misleading answers by Shopify, our developers realised that the problem is as follows:

- Shopify has a server limit of x changes of the cart within x minutes, per customer

- That way Shopify probably wants to prevent attacks where somebody would change its cart a lot of times in order to slow down Shopify's servers as that action consumes processing power

- Since we have a proxy server, which is between the customer and the Shopify server, all cart changes done by all visitors together count as if they were done by one single customer (one IP address) which very fast hits the cart changes limit of Shopify --> and users cannot add products to a cart

Shopify confirmed that afterwards:
I looked through the logs and over all of the information your provided. You are hitting our cart creation throttle because the same IP address is shown as creating more than our allowed amount of carts for one IP address per hour. Currently, this is not something that we can change nor can we whitelist your IP for but a different set up will be needed.

Shopify refused to increase that limit or whitelist an IP address of our proxy server. They suggested that a different set up is needed but did not specify that in concrete. I am sure that we are not the first shop that combines 2 platforms or uses a proxy server.
Has anyone experience in that area? How do you solve a limit per one IP address?

We even suggested to put the whole checkout process in an iframe - asked for Shopify`s advice but after 4 days, still no answer.

As Shopify Plus users, we are really disappointed in their support and how slow they are responding. In the meantime, we did a temporary workaround but some users still have the same problem and cannot add products in a cart. We are losing customers and our conversion rate is in a decrease but seems like we wi™ll have to figure this out on our own :/

Thank you in advance for any suggestion!
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    That sounds frustrating! One question: For what (legal) reason do you have a proxy server?
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      So, our website runs on 2 platforms: Shopify + CMS platform (Kirby). They are not separated in a clear way (magazine vs shop), it is exactly the opposite. Shopify and Kirby pages are mashed together as users are jumping constantly between those two systems without noticing it.
      The proxy server solution had been chosen because it is a rather simple solution to deal with a heterogeneous backend structures. It hides the complexity from the users, but also simplifies tracking and everything is behind one single domain.
      Shopify in general is very slow when it comes to response times. Usually they need 1.8 sec to serve the first bite, a terrible value. That is why we should not use it as the main system, which is their favourite solution to this issue. We would also throw away the rest of control that we have in the backend.
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        Yikes, well to be honest at this point you should be looking at alternative solutions. You've clearly outgrown Shopify and it no longer fits your requirements. If you're paying for Plus then I'm guessing you have the resources to invest in a longer term solution.

        Easier said than done, I know. But there are probably interim solutions you can look into until you get another platform launched, such as having Kirby behind a subdomain. It's far from ideal, but at this point your customers can't even buy anything so you're kind of stuck.
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