Please Critique My Website!

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Hey guys, yesterday I've launched my first Shopify dropshipping store, and made first 8 sales via Facebook adverts.

Please tell me anything what doesn't look good to you and what do you think needs to be changed!


Thanks in advance.
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    I hope the ads keep working for you. There is zero original content on this website, and no words at all on most of the pages, so it will never rank for anything.
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    The site is quite simple and the products are interesting.

    You need a lot more text content on your Home page. I suggest at least 300 words to attract the search engines.

    I would add a Blog page and write blogs about new Cool Items that you've discovered.

    Make sure that you always add Alt text to your images.

    Other than that, good luck with sales!

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      The website is nice, a little generic and simple. Adding a blog could spice up the atmosphere. Also, creating a youtube channel where you test different items could also work.
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    To be honest, it looks exactly the same as everyone else trying to drop ship from aliexpress. You really need to do something to differentiate yourself from everyone else.
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  • I am curious... of those 8 sales, how much profit did you make after ad, product and shipping costs.
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    The tiled design of the products looks nice, but in my opinion, it looked a little empty because of a lot of white space. You could also make it so that if someone hovers over an item, it gives a quick description. I like seeing that in these kinds of sites.
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    Forget about the words on the page, it doesn't matter....Especially since you are using Facebook Ads.

    If you made 8 sales on your first day it is a good sign, but calculate your net profit after all your expenses.

    If your targetting in Facebook is on point, you should make sales.
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