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Hi guys,

My first post here, glad to have found a like minded dropshipping community :-)

I'm in the process of building my dropship demo store before reaching out to suppliers but in order to build the store and make it look good, I feel like I need to have the brands/products appearing on the website homepage, even if just to show the suppliers that this is what it would look like if they were to agree to work with me.

Could anyone advise on the best route here, should I just build a generic site using the cheesy stock photos or take the risk and use some of the brands images but explain that I've done it just for demo purposes?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

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    Order one product sample of each thing you will be selling and use you own photos .
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    Here's what you should do..

    Make your home page look REALLY nice. I've contacted hundreds of suppliers and when they view your website, they typically only look at the homepage (confirmed by my google analytics). Maybe put around 10-20 demo products on your site and have a few of them featured on the home page. Then, you lock in your first suppliers, remove the demo products, and put the real products on.

    Where to find demo products? You could sign up with a big distributor that accepts anyone like dandh, or you could just pull some stuff off of Aliexpress.

    Don't use the brands images, that will be a red flag for them.
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    Use brand images but hide the brands you are contacting, making it look like you only are selling their competitors' products.

    Then, unhide their products, whether you get them as a supplier or not, and move onto the next supplier, hiding their products.
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    Great advice all, thanks very much for the suggestions!
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