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Good day

Hi guys my name is nick & I decided after 5 years of in-depth research to start Drop shipping finally

Since, I consider myself a complete newbie & my funds are really low , I would be appreciate very much your advises

The plan is that I will have a Shopify or Wix fashion or cosmetics store(not sure yet) with very cheap Chinese clothing from Chinese websites & I will sell it online in my webstore, I will avoid dropship in EBAY or AMAZON, since I think is full of drop shippers trading

So, straight to the point

1)Is it imperative to have a registered company in order to be able to dropship????? Since my cash flow is really limited, could I just dropship without having a registered company????

2)I am really confused with paypal limitations, from what I have read sooner or later, especially if your dropship is successful, paypal will block your money for a certain period of time, is this almost certain....?????

3)How do u handle shortage of SKUs????,I mean do I have to check everyday at my Suppliers items that they have Stock to sell, so I will avoid getting payed for an item that finally is not in stock & I will have to repay back my customer and I will have finally loose paypal percentages????(but how is this possible if I have 4000 items for sale uploaded,I will need 12 hours only for checking this)

4)Do u suggest Wix or Shopify???I like better Wix, but I have heard many people swear at Shopify

5)Any other options apart from paypal that actually work????

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