Setting up an online store serving 10+ countries - one .com or country based domains?

by Slv85
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Advice, please. Setting up an online shop which will serve different countries in different languages.

How to set up the domain and languages? Should it be one major site with store/content in 10 languages, or 10 country specific stores?

How to choose a host for a site serving 10+ countries so the speed would be OK?

On one hand one major site gets a lot of SEO value.
One site is also "all eggs in one basket" solution.

On the other hand country specific sites are easier to rank to the top in their respective languages. People also seem to trust domains with a local ending more.

Which option to choose?
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    Up for any feedback?
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    I just saw this inquiry and decided that it may also help my audience, hope you like it!

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    Each language on it's own subdomain or ideally country domain, if a common language consolidate in to one site but it depends on your platform, because you may have pricing issues as customers want local currency checkout and most platforms can't do this efficiently. It's just not that simple and would need too much information and take too much of our time to say x or y or z, but that's the general framework.
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