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I have recently developed my dropshipping site( I did some Facebook marketing but end up with less visitors. I am still working on the right target audience. Meanwhile, if you can help me with suggestions for improvement then it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance

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    your estore looks just fine... you just need to start a blog section wherein you can post informative content backed by relevant keywords and also work upon the meta data part for modifying the meta title, description, and keywords... once you start posting content, just promote them in parallel on social media sites...
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      Thanks for your input. I'll keep that in mind.
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    1- Put more products
    2 - make the paypal, credit card icons bigger
    3 - add facebook, twitter etc... icons that link to your social accts
    4 - collect mails
    5 - offer discounts
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      Thanks Shim.I will add more products.

      I am not using paypal to minimise unacceptable behaviors from what I read other merchants have gone through. But I will collect mails and display discount banners.

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    Your store is must need to create a blog option for posting others articles with relevant information. you should also post more valuable products which people love across the world.
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    make your ads in a way that show discount of 15% but not show the price and also add the factor of urgency in it.
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    Your website looks like really good. Just some tweaking would make it look great!!

    Credit card logos (bigger and same color of logos)
    Customer experience / feedback
    Social media links

    Good luck!!
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    The store is not bad itself, but right now you are basically competing with any single store in the world, because you are nothing unique. You basically sell something of every category, sometimes even with only 1 product in it (e.g. bags). These types of stores are very hard to keep up longterm because even if you manage to get sales, people rarely have reasons to buy again.

    So at the moment it really comes down to how well you can craft ads and how low you get your Cost per Acquisition. Its also quite hard to get any type of influencer marketing, affiliate marketing etc. going with this kind of general stuff. But keep it up!
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    The store looks good but need some modification namely,

    The logo design
    Blog page must be there
    You can add those securities icon in the header section; it will enhance the trust of users as and when they visit.
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