Public Domain + Kunaki + Ebay = $$$: Genuine Money Maker for the Lazy & Unambitious

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Hi all,

10 years of interest and dabbling in internet marketing has led me to the conclusion that I don't want to do it, mainly because I'm a bit lazy and not terribly driven by money - but also because I find it all a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Anyway, someone I know sells DVDs on eBay which they make themselves. Their main line is a very specialist subject, and is where they first started (they were the first ones to scan and collate these particular types of items page by page over 10s of thousands of pages). But they also sell a variety of other discs, including public domain, or out-of-copyright material. They suggested I give it a try, so I did. Turns out it's a pretty easy way to get started in making a little bit of money by selling physical goods, which is something I actually really enjoy doing.

I also know about a US company who will manufacture and ship similar DVDs worldwide for less than a dollar: Kunaki.

So the point of this post is that if you are as bewildered as me with IM you can avoid it altogether and make as little or as much as you like with not too much effort or lots of it. Volume of items for sale is the key, so the more listings you have the more items you will sell.

You can either invent your own product from scratch or you can copy the ideas of other sellers. Search for 'on dvd' or 'pdf' or 'eBook' or 'dvd collection' to see what others are selling (or have sold). Some popular subjects with lots of PD material include fortune telling & magic, music & instruments, magazines & comics, woodworking etc. Some non-PD subjects are sold - old manuals for cars and audio equipment, defunct computer & video gaming periodicals, glamour magazines and so on.

I won't elaborate about choosing an item or genre to pursue but whatever product you pick, and however you obtain it, you can make it yourself with a computer and a printer that does CD/DVD printing or you can upload the files to Kunaki which they will then make for you and ship anywhere you want - cheap!

Kunaki are US based so that will make a difference to where and how you sell. As a start you could get a sample (first one free!) then list on eBay. Then just keep listing. Some sellers obviously work very hard on their products and listings but it's not always necessary to be either original or the best. If you list subjects that sell you will also sell some of them.

This may not be a life changing opportunity but it's a realistic and easily achievable way to start making money online with low or negligible start up cost, no own product and very little work. I'm grateful for the information I have found on this forum, in particular the knowledge of the existence of Kunaki, who are amazing. I hope this post will be of some value to others - if you're an eBay seller who lists this type of product in the UK, for instance, and you sell to the US, then there may be a lot of value here for you.

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