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Hi everyone what do you think rge correct and best way to start making money online as a begginer. I've already start doing drop shipping on ebay,but it's very competitive to make sales I'm doing this for a month now and I made juste 5 sales. I'm looking for a way to have more money/budget to start a better dropshipping business with shopify it has less competiton and I am the person who control the traffic so it's better.Please I need your advice,I really want to be successful online and be independant,I know it takes time and effort for sure,but as I said above ebay dosen't seems good for me now.And I have 200$ for now but I will have more money to invest online,so please give me your opinion.
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    Everybody seems to be migrating to this easy AliExpress/Shopify app model of dropshipping. Very few will be successful because you are all selling the same exact things, from brands nobody has ever heard of at very low profit margins.

    Contact the real manufacturers or their main distributors of brands that people are actually looking for and buying. Get dropship arrangements in place and separate yourself from the people who are trying (and failing) to do things the easy way.
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      Yes you are right,I don't think I can do this for now it needs a lot of things to do arrangement with suppliers.So could you please tell me an other idea of working online that I can try.
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    You can try an automatic software that can speed up the whole process. Try selling the most sold items and differentiate yourself from rest of the sellers-- only then you'll be able to make a difference in the arbitrage business.
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    With limited budget SaaS is an only option for you. Search for platform which let you integrate eBay and Amazon- do not cut off any possible channels since you do not face to much orders traffic. Search for added value of your offer- in example long life warranty- this way you do not compete by price only.
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