Suggest to me the best way to start, share you experience.

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I'm a newbie in the " working online" world,I'v been learning about ecommerce for 5months ( ebay,shopify,woocommerce),I've been doing dropshipping on ebay for a month and I made a few sales but I think It's not the best method for me,because there is so much competition and what I hate about it,is that I feel like it's not a real work online for me you just copy and past things and hope ebay will drive some traffic and make sales,I was thinking about selling a unique products from my country to the rest of the world I know some friends that did this and they are making good money from it.I don't know what to do or where to start.My goal is to find something that works for me and stick to it and scale it,I don't care about the effort that I should do or whatever it takes to become a successfull online and make my life better because I trsut myself and I will do anything it takes to acheive my aims,my goal is making 300$-500$/day. I hope someone can help me and show me the right way.And please tell me your opinion about CPA and Clickbank??.
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    My very best suggest is to start making use of the search feature of this forum. You can search using specific keywords and each search will provide far more information then you will every get by posting one question.

    Topics such as CPA and Clickbank and ecommerce have been discussed many thousands of times here so by looking up the info you will find a lot and learn a lot. This forum is an excellent research tool.
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      DWaters,Thank you for your reply.But,Can you suggest me on what I can focus to start online,CPA or clickbank,or what???.what is your advice?
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