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Hey everyone, im new to shopify have been at it for about a week. Ive been steadily improving my store and am getting a nice number of visits. shopify notified me that i could improve my store to make it rank in google, so i followed the steps it told me and i still cant get my site to rank. If anyone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it very much!
Thanks in advance.
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    In most cases it'll take you longer than a week.

    Just to clarify, do you mean that your site doesn't appear at all, or that it's rank is low?

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      well yesterday when i posted this it wasnt ranked at all but about 2 hours later it popped up as the second result on google so i think it just takes time as you were saying.
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    Unless you are trying to rank for incredibly long tail keyword phrases or ones that nobody else is optimizing for, it usually takes a significantly longer period of time than one week to rank for KW phrases.

    Are you sure it is really ranking well for what you think it is suddenly ranking well for? If it is a site you visit frequently (as you surely do when you are building it) and you are signed into your Google account, you will appear to rank MUCH higher than you are really ranking to the rest of the word because Google adjusts its search results based on things like your past visits, geo location, etc.

    Then again, the phrase you entered may be a rather obscure one that is unique to your site.
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