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Hi all, i have just about finished my first ever shopify store and am having some issues with the last little bits and pieces. On desktop my website looks fine, all images and products look good and there are no issues with sizing and spacing etc. However there is an issue when it is viewed on mobile devices. Firstly, my homepage has a slideshow at the top showing products, on desktop its fine, but on mobile it cuts off half of the image. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? And last of all, my titles/headings for my collections get all cramped up when viewing in mobile, so instead of something like Hunting & Fishing it will be Huntin g& Fishin g.

Have been trying to solve these issues over the last couple of days with no resolve so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    So you mean you have issues with RWD? Well you have to sit for a bit and think if your business is to build up stores or selling? If selling than copy database and pick platform without such issues. Shopify is really good platform but so fare entry level features.
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