need help with a major database mistake I made (shopify)

by Oeshy
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Hi guys.

Hoping that someone out there can help me out with a database issue I currently have with my Shopify store. We were migrating over an old database from a different platform to Shopify and had to change around a lot of the columns to match the Shopify setup for an easy upload. Somewhere in the middle of this the addresses column got jumbled up and I now have a database with incorrect addresses for 2000 customers (really not ideal).

I still have a google sheet with these 2000 customers with the correct name and address matching up, but after contacting Shopify support, they said if I try uploading an incomplete file to overwrite the addresses, it will also overwrite all the other columns that are blank. This means I could be losing all my other order details and other info that Shopify has that my google sheet from my other database does not.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can rectify this? Thanks so much.
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