What are the best available solutions to promote a new channel ?

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I have a serious question and I am looking for a good reply based on your experience, I have a new channel with a quality content and the right SEO(title, description tags..), including call to action to ask people to subscribe and like, annotations, playlist, Thumbnails... and I start by promoting my videos, I found many issues using many tools, here's some details:
- Social media: take a lot of time, and your sharing links are usually deleted by the pages, accounts and groups' owners even more I might be considered as a spam and I finish by losing my accounts,
- Subscribers, views and likes exchange/buys: very risky (bots), untargeted (real) and might harm SEO and ranking.
- Forums: Most of them don't allow links even I introduce myself as an expert and I take my time before posting a link. Signature is also not allowed.
- Backlinks (blog posts, commenting, discussion...): Not allowed to post links by owners
Sharing videos to your friends: I have only a facebook account (550 friends), untargeted and most of them have no time to watch a video for 4 minutes
- Article submission: not a good source of traffic for Arabic content
- Building a relationship with competitors: they refuse my deals because I have a new channel with no subscribers and views so they cannot take advantage.

Any help please ???
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