Do I need a real shop to Dropship or just an online shop?

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Hello there,

I am looking to start a dropshipping business, due to limited start up funds and because I have found my niche that I was going to do anyway.

My niche is home furniture, and I have been researching a lot of furniture businesses and nearly all of them have a real store to go to and look at the furniture. A lot of these businesses are drop shipper merchants. I know this because I researched to find a supplier, and then researched their products on the internet and the stores came up, with the suppliers products on them.

I was wondering whether I would have to have a real store with all the furniture in it (which wouldn't be possible at the moment, due to limited funds), or would I be able to sell directly from my online store. Although this would be great, will people be willing to buy a £200 - £1500 product just off the internet, without first seeing it in real life?

Hope this makes sense, and I would really appreciate answers from anyone who has experience in drop shipping...

Thank you!
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    well, if someone try to sell directly even small products. They must have a big collection of many products. And your niche is for mid-expensive products. And you already said you have limited budget. Even you have enough budget to start your own store i always advice to start a drop-ship store. And when order start Coming. You should notice which product have high demand and start replace those dropship product with your own 1 by 1.
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    Dropshipping might be a better option at this point. Funds are important and with physical stores, you have to worry about rent, maintenance, utilities, staff, etc.

    You can find lots of furniture on Amazon and Ebay. If you check, you'd notice that the number of furniture sold on these sites are off the charts. However, before starting with drop shipping, I suggest you do extensive research, view other sites in the same niche as yours, compare suppliers, etc.
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    Make use of online store for now as funds are limited. Besides, read more on dropshipping to be vat there.
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    Wayfair started out as many small, unrelated niche websites in the furniture industry before they combined them all into what is now a HUGE success. Every single one of them dropshipped and Wayfair still dropships the vast majority of their products.

    I think furniture is a tough industry because so many people want to look, feel and touch furniture before they buy it but Wayfair sure seems to be doing just fine without a single retail store. They are the largest online-only retailer of furniture in the United States and the 33rd largest online retailer of any type of product in the U.S.
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