Drop-Ship Store: Few Questions to make it Successful, Also share your Experience, Strategy & Success

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I am eCommerce developer and thinking about starting a dropshipping store in future. But want to be sure about many things related Promotion & Paid Ads. Especially Facebook Ads. I was already asked in a thread related question but not satisfy with answer people was telling what I already know.

So, This time I am expecting the answer from dropshippers. Who already running a successful dropship store. Of-course Dropshippers of unsuccessful stores are also welcome to give suggestion about their experience.

* What is the percentage Paid Ads/Campaigns you spent on Facebook Ads?

* How much worth Order & profit $100 Facebook Ads generate.(i.e You received orders of $1000 at 20% profit rate. Profit was $200) ?

* What is average product price on your store. And also what is average profit per product in percentage?

* You store is selling general products or based on specific niche. Also please share your niche or website?

* Suggestion from your personal experience for making a New Dropship Store Successful. Especially about paid campaigns.

* Promoting $5-$30 products could be profitable through paid campaigns.

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    I have spent paid ads on facebook and paid traffic but still not getting sails..
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      * it is a dropship store or you are selling your own product?
      * how old you store is also send me you store url in private message if here not allow.
      * how much you sepnt on ads total?
      * what was your average expense on ads everyday ?
      * how many campaigns you created. also share you fb page url in private message.

      thank you
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        around 1 month old (6 months spent in planning, research and setting up the site)
        $10 per boosted post for 1 to 2 days. Boosted 3 posts already
        around $20
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    So many of your questions are niche-specific and there are not general answers for them. That said, I'll answer the couple that can be answered ...

    The key to making a dropship store successful is the supplier. You HAVE TO start at the top, with the brand, and see if they will dropship for you. If not, get them to tell you who their top distributors are and see if they will dropship for you (most will). DO NOT use any dropship directory out there. Most of the posers on those sites are really retailers who pretend to be wholesalers. You will NEVER be competitive on price using a dropship directory.

    Very few products in the $5-30 range are going to have enough profit left over to make it worthwhile even processing the order after you have paid for advertising. You'll lose money in most cases and in the rare cases where you do make more than you spend on advertising, your time is certainly worth more than the little bit that is left over.
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      Thanks for sharing. It is Very useful to me.
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    Why not use $100 free Google Adwords coupon to do test marketing your products first?
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