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Hey all ,

Recently i joined.

I got Everything i Need, so i guess .

Shop is running, products tested and approved.

Ads prepared .

Just feeling a little Bad about the law Things e.g. terms and conditions, Privacy police , shipping Info etc.

Someone here may can help me with my questions?

Thanks in forward

Best regards
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    What exactly is your question? Where are you selling your products? Ebay, Amazon, Shopify.

    I'm new as well and getting ready to open up a store. Someone with more experience will surely chime in.
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    Selling in us
    Company is in Germany.
    What exactly i Need in my Store to get no Problems.
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      Hello Nils to be in compliance just make sure your store has already a link to privacy policy, TOs, and shipping policy that´s it

      Need suport on how to create these pages?

      Check similar websites is almost similar for similar websites.

      For the shipping policy just talk with your suppliers about the shiping dates after ordered, shipping costs, etc.
      I hope it helps.
      Hector J
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    Look at the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Shipping & Returns sections of your competitors and use theirs as a guide for what yours should be.
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    Thanks for your answer.
    Allready done this. But didnt i may get in conflict with the owner who has written it?

    Thouht about askin a lawyer to write me one...
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    you set your own terms and conditions and shipping have the freedom to do so because your terms is your protection

    you can get a template of privacy policy from shopify and edit it accordingly
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    thanks for all theese answers, going to set up something own.

    Got me some infos from other stores.
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    See what your competitors are doing and also check & implement the laws of US and Germany both.
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    It is good to get certification from Trusted Shops in example. They might help you with terms and conditions and other legal advices..
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