Are free shopify themes still good for newbies?

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hello guys
i'm a newbie in shopify drop shipping and i need small help
I start learning drop shipping from youtube and i see old videos (1 years ago) working with shopify and free themes.
the questions is:
1. Is still drop shippers work with shopify or another one?
2. if they still work with shopify is the free themes still good for me?

Thanks in advance
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    One of the things that hang so many people up at the beginning of building a website is the theme and overall look of their website. People waste so much time worrying about it and the truth is, you are the only one who cares about it. If how your website looks actually mattered to people, CraigsList would have been out of business a decade ago. They still have what might be the crappiest looking site on the web but are believed to be valued at over $1 billion.

    Any of the free themes at Shopify or any other shopping cart platform are good enough to build a dropshipping website on. Worry more about the words on the pages as well as the navigation and less about the look. Get a nice, professional looking logo, slap it up there in the header and move onto more important things.
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      thanks for your time
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