Is this custom e-commerce solution could have any potential?

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Just need some advice from you guys about this project.

This is a custom e-commerce solution (actually it's a product catalog). The reason I thought to develop this custom solution is, all other available solutions are too much for me and bit slow. the main reason could be I'm a developer haha.

I really like this solution it's very fast and reliable. but it's bit hard to maintain for average people because it's bit more low level and there is no any admin panel. but this is not a problem for me because I can manage it easily using some free SQL utility software like PHPMyAdmin.

I spent nearly 4 months to build this platform and it's 100% functional.

I just want some honest review and advice about if this script should be developed or discountinue. because if no one want to use this script no point spend time on this project right?

The problem is I'm in love with this script. because I put huge amount of love and care when designing and developping this script. it's bit of personal thing. haha.

Thanks guys.

check demo :
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