What's next after listing items on ebay?

by Spark
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Hi guys,

Been interested in internet marketing / e-commerce. Recently i start selling / listing items in ebay. May i know what's next to do after listing all the item you have? What's the next to do list other than waiting / hoping for people to purchased the items?
I tried to list the items in Amazon and sadly i get rejected as i do not have authorised letter to sell it - which somehow miss another opp to sell it.

Anyway what's will you next action after this is done?
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    I don't know what you're selling but you must ensure you write the best ads or you won't sell. Once you have published your ads, all you can do is to keep advertising until you make sales. I help a friend sell items on eBay and sometimes he makes nothing and other times he sells items at more than 3-4 times the amount that they were advertised for.

    Study eBay and similar items to learn about what they charge and how their ads are written.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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      Thanks for the reply. Yeah,
      I think I might be working on ads to improve the sales.
      At the moment it seem after a sales, there's viewers on my items but no one is clicking the Buy it now button yet. Might test here and there. Thanks for the advice.

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    To add into running advertisement, you can also try doing your own strategy. For example selling your items via FB Groups, joining forums and suggesting your store/etsy in case there are someone looking for a specific product, doing guest posts with a link back to your store. Also do well on Social media. You can launch occasional contests to get fans and engagements.
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      Thanks for the tips. Yes i have a website n intend to use ebay as the main source for my products. I actually intend to do shoutout but the products i am selling is not possible due to product images - way to commericalize. Might try finding through FB and hopefully they wont see me hard selling on the items.

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    Look at the "Completed Listings" for items similar to yours. You'll see all the listings for the past three months, whether they sold and usually how much they sold for. EBay's so big that if you have a good ad you can sell almost anything. There's usually not much waiting around when you've got it right.
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      Thanks,yes i was actually scanning through the completed listings and see if there's any hint on the keywords. Didnt do the ads so tonight when back from office will look into how ads work. As it's so different from the old ads format. Only pay when someone click on the ads - seem win win situation for both ebay n myself? Might see again. Any suggestion on the ads will be great.

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