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    You dont know anything for sure until you start really selling. People have proven over and over again that an extravagant custom landing page isn't necessary, just look at any giant websites like amazon or walmart. In fact, more customers aren't used to such an "amazing" landing page. One might be taken aback to it.

    Its good that you have the initial excitement before even making one sale. It happens to everyone. They watch some videos, have an epiphany, then envision this all working out and them being super rich.

    Best thing to do is use two landing pages and split test them.
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    As a regular online shopper, my buying decisions are usually not determined by the beauty or ugliness of the site.
    Tell the 100k guy to give you some traffic tips. That's more important than UI/UX.
    Amazon and other big name ecommerce sites don't have the best UI/UX sites on the internet.
    When you start making good weekly income, you can then change the theme if you wish.

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      graphical ui elements including but not limited to,

      visa payap logos etc
      mcafee/norton logo
      social icons
      phone number for support
      etc etc
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    1. If you're not going to listen to a guy who's makes 100K a month, why would you take advice from people who have made nothing?

    2. Why is a guy who makes 100K a month telling you how to do that?

    3. Do you really think Amazon and the like haven't tested their pages for conversion?

    4. Are you so good at this you don't need to test alternatives. You can predict the results yourself?

    5. Are you getting sidetracked from your goals by sweet talking marketers?

    6. Is doing it your way going to take considerably longer?

    a few questions you might want to ask yourself.
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    @ tony

    1. Maybe his knowledge is worth 100k but others are worth more?

    2. Met this guy once before he hit it big. THen one day, i decided to persue this and so i messaged him. THen he told me about his drop shipping success

    3. Amazon have spent millions im sure. The product page im doing is looking like amazon's but better.

    4. Those themes they have on shopify are even nowhere near polished. Missing lots of elements to make it look trust worthy

    5. Not sure

    6. That's why im in a dilemna and came here to see other people's perspective as to should i listen to the guy who makes 100k a month or go my way and make more than 100k a month?
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      and ofcourse test and learn will all be part of this.

      If u guys ever look at those shopify theme landing pages.. its just bad.

      I really like amazon's but theirs can be tweaked even more which is what i'm doing.
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    There's always going to be a control and a test.

    The innovators who come up with something that works better usually do better.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of going one way or another but I like how you are thinking about scaling and having the systems in place to scale when things work.

    You might find the work you are doing to develop your own thing becomes the thing of value down the track so make sure you guard the IP well so when it works you can license it out.

    I'd be taking advantage of any trend your 100K friend is leveraging right now and keep developing your own ideas in conjunction with that.

    There is nothing to stop you from doing both and there is good reason to do both which is why you face the dilemma.

    The burger stand in the right location in front of a hungry crowd will beat one that is tucked away so get selling and build the new model at the same time whilst you are benefitting from the experience you have access to.

    Best regards,

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    Who is this guy you are talking about? Curious
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      I'm gona go with 100k guy's way. Its better to have a store up than nothing right ? makes sense. And i suppose what i meant design, is just basically having all the graphical "make your site trust worthy" similar to what amazon uses but better.
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    It looks like you already have experience with technology. That means that you can spin sites, pages and funnels quite quickly. So you are in a position of advantage from that point of view.

    As far as shopify is concerned. It is just a tool. The real part is what value you are adding to the person who comes to your site. Like in Adult business you had some Offer that people would take and come to your site. Then you would offer them discounts or peak behind the doors to join. And then people would be hooked.

    In the same manner you need to think about what product you need to sell on Shopify. And then how does this product actually help the person go from A to B. Then you build your entire website or blog around that story so that when someone lands there either organically or through advertisement they look around becuase they feel they have found something that will take them from A to B.

    Then you can start designing or putting in a real cool site. There are people who are doing a great with Shopify and Drop Shipping. And then some are also creating their own brands from 3rd Party Products.

    I don't know if you have heard about TECHADEMICS. They are the masters of this stuff and they have creating like multiple million dollars in sales. Now they teach aspiring people how to create an eCommerce Store with Shopify. The main part of their training is about building a brand.

    See if you like it.

    Stay Focused. Stay Rich.
    Amit Patel
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