Drop Shipping, my solution to lengthy shipping or so I think....would it work?

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Hello Warriors!

I am new to this forum and i've been reading and learning a lot, and now it's time to make my first post. I am very interested in drop shipping as are a lot of people nowadays. I have found a great product for a small niche. The problem i have with drop shipping is the length it takes to ship my product to the consumer from overseas. It'll take nearly 2-3 weeks! What consumer would wait that long when Amazon delivers almost anything within a week! it's outrageous... My solution is to rent a small warehouse in my town for a reasonable price per month so that i can stock and ship my products from there. I can see why this would be bad because if my product does not sell i'm stuck with dead inventory plus recurring monthly rent for a small warehouse. That is the risk i'm willing to take. I plan on keeping some inventory in my home until business picks up and when it does i plan on renting the warehouse to scale my business. For example i'd buy and stock 1000 units and once i get down to my last 150 units i'd order another 1000 and repeat. What are your thoughts? Would this work? I want all criticism please. Thank you very much!
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    You could also simply use a fulfillment warehouse service, which will receive your goods from the factory, store them, pack and ship to your customers when there is an order. Some of the most popular ones are Fulfillment By Amazon (no, you do not need to sell on Amazon to use their fulfillment center), Shipwire and Rakuten.

    Most of the time, you can get the manufacturer to ship a much smaller quantity at wholesale prices to you as a trial order (otherwise known as "light bulk"). That way, you are not taking as big of a risk.

    You should check out Walter Hay's course on how to do that (it is very reasonably priced). He is here on the forum under the moniker "ImportExport".
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    That's not dropshipping anymore technically, imo...because drop shipping involves no inventory, here you keep some in your own warehouse
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      Originally Posted by Mysterious Robin View Post

      That's not dropshipping anymore technically, imo...because drop shipping involves no inventory, here you keep some in your own warehouse
      That is definitely not dropshipping. It is a normal, profitable, and sustainable business model without large numbers of buyers complaining.

      I have taught hundreds how to safely source products direct from the real manufacturers in China and other countries and import them the easy way. I have also taught them how to get those manufacturers to supply small orders at genuine ex-factory prices.

      I would never use a Chinese fulfillment service because for a start you lose the benefit of very fast delivery to your customers if you hold the inventory yourself or as Dave Hermansen suggests, you could use a fulfillment service in the USA.
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