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Hi Guys,

I have started a couple niches and I require some advice and suggestions regarding the niche I opened up.

This is the niche or website, it's for bathing suits.

Could you guys take a look and see if it's professional and suggest anything that needs to be changed?

I have also started a facebook ad, advertising a free product from the website... I am getting the clicks from the ad but no PURCHASES or checkout.

What is the problem and what should I improve?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.
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    Start by changing the logo and the main picture on the front page, it doesn't look professional at all.

    Your problem might be that you drive traffic from facebook, then people go on the page, look at the website and don't find it professional enough.

    Remember, selling online is all about trust. If people trust you, it will make everything much easier.
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      thank you for your advice and suggestions

      i have gotten the logo from fiver and it was professionally done
      but what do you think the logo should be ??

      thank you again
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    First and foremost, get rid of the "Grand Opening Sale". Many people are already nervous about buying things online and they certainly do not want to buy from some brand new website with no track record.

    Second, you are trying to sell to women, right? What do you think they think when they see banners with women who have half their breasts hanging out? It looks more like a site that is trying to appeal to men than women. You may think it is "hot" but I have a feeling the average woman will not see it that way. See if you can find pictures with women who are hanging out with hunky guys at the beach. I have a feeling that will be more appealing to them.

    Third, why would they want to buy from you? There is nothing at all on this site giving people a reason to buy from you. You have zero words on the home page, zero on category pages and nothing but generic bullet points on product pages. Not very compelling stuff! Are these bathing suits something spectacularly different than they can buy locally at the store, where they can actually try things on? Are your prices so unbelievable that they cannot find as good a deal locally (or elsewhere online)?

    Fourth, your return policy is horrible. There are tons of websites competing with you that offer free returns where they send a label that you can print out so that you don't even have to pay for free shipping to return items that don't fit or "just don't look good on my body" (which happens ALL the time with women and clothes). If you can't offer that, you are at a competitive disadvantage with many other much more respected websites with far better selection. And, you really need to read your return policy. 99% of the items it talks about are not even sold on the website.

    Finally, your navigation is horrible. Nobody should have to use a scroll bar to get to categories on a website with only 4 categories. It's just a really bad theme layout, IMHO.

    Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not point out that if you want to get people's attention and help, come up with something better for the title of your question than "eCommerce Website". You might as well have titled your question, "Question", since we know it is about eCommerce because it is in the eCommerce section of the forum.
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      Thank you for your wise words and suggestions and advise.

      I will make my adjustments and i will update the post here and maybe follow up on it.

      This means alot to me thank you very much for the help, i have started to make the adjustments now.

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    As you said that you have traffic but you are not able to convert it into your user.
    No SEO experts or facebook add campaign can increase your sell if products are not good and price also can be a big factor.
    If your price is quite a big then no one is going to buy it and same way if you price is less then also no one going to trust you.
    So first make sure that your website is good enough to convert visitors into users.
    Thank You
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    Let me share my experience with niche product shopping sites. I had outsourced electric makeup applicators from China and tried every marketing technique to get traffic and conversion through the niche site. No one was googling for an electronic makeup applicator because there were hardly any awareness? Lastly I took the plunge in eBay and Amazon and saw the sales soaring up. I guess it was because, I showcased it where there were similar line of products and the traffic there had 90% inclination of buying. I suggest not to bank in the website alone but look forward to portals where you can sell quantity at a somewhat discounted rate.
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      should i be targeting specific products or a wide range of products ?
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    I suggest you target a wide range of product in a single niche category.
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    site says unavailable? i agree with others sell a niche product no point competing with hundreds of other sellers selling the same thing

    Ready To Go DropShip Websites

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